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21 August 2013 @ 03:53 pm
My Hetalia fancomic about the history of the little girl Vietnam - my country. There are France, America and England though. All chibi.
I drew it more than a year ago. *laugh*

You do not need to read the Omake if you don't like USUK. ^^

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This time it's better. :3

These scans belong to me. Please don't redistribute without permission.
It'd be very nice if there were someone who want to translate it, but if you do, please ask me first.

Enjoy. :3

09 August 2013 @ 11:30 pm
Hi there. The first time I managed to scan. Not quite succesfully anyway, because these scans are rather bad. Can't even scan the cover, it's a disaster. The cover I put in the .zip is from web page.
But they are, uhm, passable, I suppose. So enjoy. Next time it'll be better, I promise.
Another cute doujinshi of AMAOh!

It'd be very nice if there were someone who want to translate it, but if you do, please ask me first (I can help if there's some place you can't see clearly, anyway :D).

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20 May 2012 @ 08:09 am
Urrghh, I'm in trouble with LJ theme :'(
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Today is a very nice day at my place, so I decide to post my first USUK scanlation on my LJ. When I first found this doujinshi it's in Chinese, and I translated it (but no posting anyway). Later I found the original RAW on a post (quite long ago) which was scanned by sozuki17, so I asked her for permission and made decision to scanlate it. :"D

However, the Chinese version is missing 2 pages from Raw, and my friends helped me translate them from Japanese. Also, the scans also miss 2 pages which have circle's talk, and I take the chinese scans to trans and edit. - v -
Furthermore, my English isn't good. If you see any mistake then forgive me.

Please link me back when sharing at other place.

Enjoy the cuteness in this cute story... ^^~

P.s: this doujinshi wasn't scanlated yet, right? right? O.O
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14 April 2012 @ 08:27 pm
Mệt quá - - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nhưng dù sao cũng đã quyết sẽ mần cho cùng LJ ="=

Tổng hợp hàng icons đã từng làm, trừ những cái quá xấu hoặc ko muốn nhìn lại, hay có thể bất cứ lí do khách quan nào khác <3
Sign với banner các thứ free size nên chưa biết update thế nào cho đảm bảo thẩm mĩ ><


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